Starting points for creativity and innovation

I often hear questions like “How can I start my creativity?” or “How to earn money with my ideas?”. The best answer is always an advice to check few open innovation portals. It is always very useful to see examples and to be encouraged by creative products that are trying to conquer the market.

First stop which everyone loves to see is surely, where you can submit T-shirt design and win cash, prizes & fame. One more site with similar content is cafepress. It looks so good, like the most of world’s designers are trying to create T-shirts.

Starting site for all domain-specialists & researchers should be Innocentive, where many challenges can be found and experts can quickly become one of Innocentive’s “Solvers”.

If you have a need to unleash your creativity potential or simply need to reshape or finish your idea, try to use Unleash Your Creativity App.

On ideabounty everyone could try to get paid for new ideas or try to find answers for posted briefs and also check success stories. Try to invent a product for everyday usage? First check should be Tschibo-ideas(German). gives the possibility to browse or create campaigns, but what is most important – be inspired with many interesting ideas and be sure to come back tomorrow for more.

When you have the idea and you think that it is prepared for the world premiere, is the site to use. You can submit your idea and then see how many votes you can collect. This could be the starting point for the idea life-cycle.

Good luck!

One thought on “Starting points for creativity and innovation

  1. Oh innovation, the defining glory between possible and impossible. Like with this, I’m always amazed at what people come out with. Similarly, but not, make energy go farther. Good reading on both sites though!

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