baby TV

If we had ask people 20 years ago, do they need cell phone, we will get an answer in most cases “Why would I need it?”. If we had ask teenagers 20-30 years ago, do they need a music television, they wouldnt know the answer. The consumer don’t know what they need, so MTV has become an icon for teenagers and the success of cellphone is well known.

One occasion, when I was feeling like a consumer is when I subscribed to IPTV only because of one channel which I couldn’t receive via satelite dish or via terrestial TV. I think that I’m not the only one, who will say “Long live Baby TV!”.
For all new parents, this TV channel is blessing which can keep babies interested in moments when Mum or Dad has something else to do. Every time when I see my son how is he watching Baby TV, I think about how good is this idea!
Simple cartoons with big, colourful images and songs for babies, which are adapted for babies keeps them interested, so you must get them out of watching it, if you want to stop it. There are no commercials and the programm is made in accordance with child phihologists so it stimulate baby for upgrowth and learning.

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