european inno-scoreboard 2007

The 2007 European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) was published today. Inno-leaders are Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, USA… Inno-followers include Austria, France, Ireland… Moderate innovators are Czech republic, Italy, Slovenia… And finally catching-up countries Bulgaria, Croatia (!), Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia…
What’s most interesting is to see how it’s determined, so here’sthe list of Innovation indicators:
1.1 S&E graduates
1.2 Population w ith tertiary education
1.3 Broadband penetration rate
1.4 Participation in life-long learning
1.5 Youth education attainment level
2.1 Public R&D expenditures
2.2 Business R&D expenditures
2.3 Share of medium-high/high-tech R&D
2.4 Enterprises receiving public funding for innovation
3.1 SMEs innovating in-house
3.2 Innovative SMEs co-operating w ith others
3.3 Innovation expenditures
3.4 Early-stage venture capital
3.5 ICT expenditures
3.6 SMEs using organizational innovation
4.1 Employment in high-tech services
4.2 Exports of high technology products
4.3 Sales of new -to-market products
4.4 Sales of new -to-firm products
4.5 Employment in medium-high/high-tech manufacturing
5.1 EPO patents per million population
5.2 USPTO patents per million population
5.3 Triad patents per million population
5.4 Community trademarks per million population
5.5 Community industrial designs per million population

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