first workshop abroad

I have done my “Innovations & Creativity Workshop” first time outside Croatia. The pleasure was to be in Budapest for 2 days in front of creative people who was interested to listen to my stories.

The reaction is almost the same as in Croatia, inventor stories about silly innovations, accidental inventions and success stories was best accepted. Open innovation chapter was also very interesting and I’m now sure that everyone could be convinced that open innovations are future in many companies. Next thing that is always interesting wherever I am, are inspirational internet sites mentioned in last post (creativity avalanche). After first day and 3-4 hours of creativity training, brainstorming session with target to have big quantity of ideas was a big success.

For the first time I included a great short video about Nikola Tesla, it’s the story about one inventor and one innovator šŸ˜‰

+ I included above the picture of this beautiful city that I take at sunset last tuesday.

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