innovation culture in factories

Today I got one insight from person who works in factory.

He had an idea how to improve the production process. He spokes with his supervisor and they made this improvement which produces less waste and production is faster. (I spoke with him and encouraged him to make this, as it will be done in my company)

But, another supervisor wasn’t been happy with that, and idea was rejected, idea-creator got also some bad words… “Don’t change the status quo”, “Why to make changes?”… not an innovative firm, as you can see.

One more thing: they tried to start some improvement incubation with prehistoric thing: idea-wall. Of course, they got only trivial ideas, bunch of them was not worth mentioning.

I assume that’s how things are done in factories across Eastern Europe. They don’t listen to ideas and they think that they don’t need it.
But at the end, they will need some kind of innovative culture, am I right?

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