new shopping mall and few old ladies

New shopping Mall is opened. It’s the biggest in the range of 150 km, it has more shops then any other, and it’s looking fine.
I saw the opening on TV few minutes ago, among the crowd, there were few old ladies with shopping carts (which is not needed, only maybe for one supermarket) which are waiting 9:00 and Mall to be opened for the first time, thew looked like Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton when they are waiting red lights to switch off at the start of F1 race. I don’t know what they were thinking, but they have the look on their faces like everything will be for free, only if they come first!

Yeah, old ladies were dissapointed for sure, nothing was free off course. Shopping Mall is fine, it’s not awesome, it’s not “from another galaxy”, it’s just fine. And that’s it – investor have found maybe the last location on this side of the Danube, where was no similar buildings and made it.

So we have an “innovator” who made old ladies happy, for few minutes 🙂

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