“The Method” – Contest


To set up an innovation contest, we’ll first need a topic for sure. Clearly defined, “trendy” topic must push innovators to engage in contest. Sales, marketing, management or customer should trigger new topic from the business field that needs new ideas from our “innovation team”. This need seeker should provide quality description and customer situation of the topic, but avoid technical details as this could lead innovators into wrong path and there is no need for details in this phase – concepts are better.  

Contest leader must provide quick support to innovators in case of any questions. Transparency must be provided, it is simple do create a place(intranet or web-site) where all submitted ideas are visible, so that innovators could be inspired by the ideas of others. Ideas must be explained shortly, 

In this phase quantity is needed, so the more ideas we have, the better. Every innovator should know that.

Right topic with excellent description + right people in “innovation team” should provide big number of ideas and their quality.

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