Book Review: Anticonventional Thinking

act_coverIn his newest book Jeffrey Baumgartner is introducing Anticonventional Thinking – a new creativity method as an alternative to the well-known brainstorming. In first chapters Jeffrey is explaining brainstorming method and reasons why it’s not working. I must say that I totally agree with his opinion as I had the similar experience with brainstorming and similar problems. This method simply don’t work with strict rules provided few decades ago and I also recently changed the way I’m running idea generation workshops and creativity contests.

Jeffrey is proposing ACT method which should generate ideas in totally different way and elaborate it in details with many examples, drawings and stories. He summarize it with:

“ACT is a thinking process in which you identify a situation where you want to take creative action, analyse that situation in depth, build associations between the situation and other things (such as situations, people, emotions, just about anything) and then build a creative vision of an action you might take in that situation.”

ACT should replace brainstorming and give every innovation manager a better chance for realisation of ideas.

I really enjoyed reading about this method which I found similar to my 7innovation method. Also, I can’t remember when I finished a book so quickly – it can be only because it’s interesting and very good.

More info about Jeffrey Baumgartner and this book on his website.

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