Book Review: Better and Faster


When I heard that Jeremy Gutsche is releasing the second book I was eager to read it, as “Exploting Chaos” (Jeremy’s first book) is one my favourite books covering the topic of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. And I’m not disappointed, “Better and Faster” is continuing on the shoulders of its predecessor. The book is a quick guide how to be successful in today’s world marking the benefits of newest technology and the need of trend spotting.

It has three parts: Awaken, Hunt and Capture. After awaking the Hunter, author is leading us through the hunt, and to the end – Capture. Of course this is truly an idea process for every individual, or better to say every entrepreneur-to-be.

As author stated in “Conclusion”:

“…the only real certainty in life is change. Only by awakening your inner hunter and looking for patterns will you be better equipped to adapt and thrive in the face of this change.”

Like in “Exploiting Chaos”, the book is full of successful stories and inspirational achievements that will encourage readers in the quest for new ideas/innovations.

Let’s wait for book #3 😉

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