Get a Creative Mindset!


15 Surefire Tricks to Get Your Creative Juice Flowing!

Having trouble coming up with new ideas?
Here are some tips that you can slowly incorporate into your daily life to make creativity a habit!

  1. Talk with creative people that you know.
    Interesting people can point you to the right direction – in the direction of your next idea.
  2. Take a walk every day and do an“internal” brainstorming.
    The best brainstorming is internal, many creative people in history loved to walk every day and simply think.
  3. Change the look of your office.
    Try to bring colours, light, and furniture into your working space. First, you should feel better, second this should inspire you.
  4. Write down your ideas.
    Every innovator has a notebook, or an online place where ideas are stored.
  5. Keep your idea notebook on your desk.
    Keep your idea notebook not only in the office, but also in your home. Every idea should be
    written so you can later come back and build upon it.
  6. Read books that are not connected to your work.
    Books or magazines from new fields will create a new space for you – a space where ideas can be
  7. Always ask yourself about the simplest answer.
    Often, the simplest solution is the best solution.
  8. Ask your colleagues how they will improve your idea.
    You cannot see everything, so any help in the early stages of an idea is essential.
  9. Try to describe your idea as you would to total stranger who is not an expert in your field of work.
    Homer Simpson is good example, how could you explain your idea to him?
  10. Don’t leave work if you haven’t written down one idea or comment in your idea notebook.
    Well, this is radical, but it will surely help…
  11. Research a destination, even thought you don’t plan to travel there.
    Maybe you will find inspiration or see a new way of living which could change the way you think about your idea.
  12. Adopt the creative mindset.
    Starting with the right mindset will set you off towards the right track.
  13. Eat at another restaurant, walk at a different path… do something different!
    Change could generate new ideas.
  14. Go to work via public transportation.
    Drive your creativity by seeing new faces and maybe even new corners of your town you haven’t seen before!
  15. Leave yourself a few minutes in a day for daydreaming.
    I hope you do give yourself this time to just dream.

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