Top 10 Tips To Boost Creativity in Your Daily Life


You can make creativity a habit by embracing these simple tips that could increase your chance of becoming a creative innovator.

1. Read!

Inform yourself everyday, not just about your interests but also about topics you never thought you would read about. To structure it read news and blogs about your main interests, but also, read something in topics you have never read before, like new breakthrough science discoveries or perhaps about construction safety, or even about women’s make up!

2. Write down your ideas!

Every idea has to be written, otherwise it will be wiped from your head. First, just write down what’s in your head with no details. Later, you can add descriptions.

3. Submit your ideas!

If your company has an innovation platform, your idea should be submitted through the normal innovation process.

If your company doesn’t have an innovation system, think about who in your company can help you realize your idea. If your idea is not from the field where you work, try submitting it online to one of the open innovation challenges.

4. Talk with creative people!

Talk about your ideas frequently. Talking with creative people can be very inspiring. Maybe someone can give you great advice or direct you to new features or ways to implement your idea.

5. Learn from failures!

In the world of innovation, failures often happen. But while only a small percent of innovative ideas are realized, it’s important to learn from mistakes that will help you improve and refine your next idea.

6. Adopt an innovation attitude!

You must have confidence in your idea to push it. If you aren’t 100 percent behind your idea, who will be?

Describe your idea in the way that everyone can understand – imagine explaining it to a six year old. Only a few slides should do it!

7. Find a customer for your idea!

Is there a possible customer for your idea? The answer to this question is very important for the future of your idea.

If you can’t sell your idea, then it will remain only an idea – it will never evolve into an innovation!

8. Think your idea is new?

Do you have unique idea? Is there a similar product in the market as the one you want to develop? If not, do you think your idea is better than those of existing products?

9. Think your idea is technically feasible?

Can your idea be developed into a prototype? Can it be done inside your organization? Will the prototype be very expensive or can it be produced affordably?

10.Find a marketing strategy for your idea!

It is very important to present your idea well because there will be times when the innovator must act as the marketer or presenter! When presenting your idea, remember that your aim is to win over at least more than one person who will support your idea and progress it forward.

Addition: Nice article about Creativity: Stay Sharp – How to Boost Creativity When Work Subsides

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