Smart Pillow

New and nice product coming from Osijek, Croatia. In old and well-knowned company LIO they created a Smart Pillow which combines mobile app and sensors embedded in the memory pad, so that users can track the quality of their dreams.

This pillow lets you play music and binaural sounds, it monitors sleep and make analysis with the percentage of light sleep/deep sleep, quality score of sleep and notice when snoring has occurred.

Music is played with conductive technology, it is transmitted through skull bones and is heard only by a person on the cushion. Binaural sound reproduction with conductive technology allow relaxation. A timer can be set to define how long it takes to play music or binaural sounds.
Also a gentle wake up with the alarm that the user only can hear, without interfering with the other person. The SOS button is a part of an appliance in case of emergency urges the pre-entered number by pressing it.

Silverguard fabric containes silver ions that prevent the development of microorganisms on the pillow and the development of odors.

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