Disruption in pop music? Superorganism!

80s cars are not so common on the streets, nor the 80s computers on our desks, but 80s music or even decade earlier is still so popular. Even new bands are trying to sound like they are 3 of 4 decades back in the past.

What is happening? Do we have a right 21st century music? Is it so difficult to be unique or different?

A month ago, a new band called Superorganism released their debut album and they sound so different.

So 21st Century. Some futuristic indie-pop.

The story behind the creation of the band is really interesting: Orono Noguchi, a high school student from Maine was a fan of The Eversons(4-member pop band from New Zealand, living in London) through YouTube and when she was on a summer trip to Japan, her country of origin, she found their gig. There they became friends and continued their friendship online.

They found out that Noguchi can sign and invited her to add lyrics and vocals to their new project. This came to be Superorganism’s first single “Something For Your M.I.N.D.”. Back vocals in the band are female singers from New Zealand, Ruby and B. Eighth member of the band is South Korean back vocalist Soul. Seven of them are now relocated to London to create music together, only Soul is separated living in Sydney, Australia.

Their creative process, the creation of Superorganism’s songs, is following: “It usually starts with us listening to music and talking about music, art, and all kinds of stuff in the kitchen. Then, one of us would come up with a very basic idea for a song. We’d then send the file back and forth among the group and add on some random ideas that we have. We’d keep working on it until we have a final product.”

Their videos, the work of one band member Robert Strange, look different and refreshing. So does their web-site which is a work of art and a time-machine (flying whales, jumping monkeys and look from the beginning of the internet era).

You can love them or not, but no one can say that they are not creative and unique…

image: Superorganism facebook

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