Creativity Cards – a tool for everyone

During brainstorming, creativity workshop or simply when thinking about further developing existing idea or trying to “pivot” there is a wall that prevents idea creators to step into the zone where further ideas occur. This is the place where Creativity cards help in providing needed questions for next steps in idea generation.

Among 60 Creativity cards, there are three types of cards that raise “What if…?” questions which can guide you to think from the other angle or to question yourself using three main topics: business trends, techno-trends and walk in another man’s shoes.

During ideation or brainstorming or even after the creation of an idea, everyone needs to do a self-evaluation of a kind of self-check for ideas project. Can you evaluate your idea and determine its chances?

Here is the small guide for using cards:

  1. Download idea template
  2. Pick your topic, would you take business trends, techno-trends or walk in another man’s shoes cards? Remove the cards from the group you don’t need.
  3. Take three cards and place them on your paper. (You can take random cards or first separate cards by three categories and choose all three cards from the same category or one from each – however you like…)
  4. Take some time (10mins) and write your thoughts by answering on questions stated on the cards…

To achieve most think about:

  • How to fix some current problem. Which need is solved?
  • Be inside your customer’s head. Which benefit is gained?
  • How your idea will look like a project?
  • Can you make a prototype?
  • What is your plan for the first 100 days?

When finished, you can iterate the process using new cards.

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