What Handball Can(not) Teach Us About Innovation?

What is Handball? It is an olympic sport, but if you are American, British or Italian there is a big chance that you’ve never heard of it. Why?

This sport is very interesting, but still it cannot attract major attention beside football, basketball or american football. The reason is very simple, rules are not changed in a manner that will re-develop this sport.

This sport has no time-limit for an attack and it can last a minute or two. There are no strict rules for fouls and there is a big influence of referees to the game, this influence is certainly the biggest comparing with other team(and olympic) sports.

Two innovations will bring the game to future:

  • time limit (maybe 45 seconds) for an attack
  • more red cards for fouls or bringing new 4 minute exclusions.

With this, game will be speeder and it will not be so rough. Currently, on all major tournaments, there are always appeals on referees after matches – much, much more then in other sports. Also, there are many nasty injuries which will be prevented with small rule-change.

Without changes handball cannot compete with other popular sports, it’s a pity because games are sometimes simply great. USA, UK, Italy don’t care for it, Germany and Russia are also losing the attention for this sport, we cannot say that handball is popular in Asia or Africa, is it a time for innovation?

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