“The Method” – Awakening and Selection

This is second post to the “7innovation method” series.

First “awakening” part of the process is to launch initial contest which will “feel the pulse” of the organization and discover innovative persons. This contest could be a wide futuristic strategic topic which will be interesting and which could tease future innovators and unleash their creativity. Everyone could be invited and all it is essential that topic-description is simple and always visible. Also, all entries should be visible to everyone as ideas of others could be triggers for new new innovations.

Main here goal is quantity of ideas, but it will need late several decision gates, which could filter best ideas ready for implementing. As in any innovation process: any successful idea must also generate a success story, which will be the generator of further innovation activities.

Going back to “7innovation method”, for the future of process it is most important to keep innovators informed and to be able to select the best ones, which could be used in future program as part of “innovation team”.

Best innovators are not the ones who submit most ideas, but the one who can “think different” and have the quality in their ideas, these must be ‘felt’…

This initial phase must be used to learn about strong and weak parts of process and about the problems innovator or intrapreneur have in order to  get idea prototyped or even implemented.

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