Book Review: The Innovation Book


Many Innovation books share the same content, some also the same form and style, this book – on the other hand, is written from the different perspective as some kind of innovation manual. 

Max McKeown made a brilliant job subliming this toolkit for innovators and managers. It is easy to read and easy to follow, as it can be seen from this short&easy (in the same time: excellent) definition of innovation:

“Innovation – or practical creativity – is mainly about making new ideas useful.”

or: “The history of innovation is essentially the history of practical problem solving which is – pretty much – the history of what it means to be human.”

I took many notes and I will use many new advices/examples from this book in my future work. I specially enjoyed reading second half of the book: “The Innovator’s toolkit” where author gives great overview of innovation management models&tools.

Anyway, if I need to recommend one book to read concerning innovation & creativity, “The Innovation Book” will be chosen, as it brings the most important topics in short and easy-to-read manner.

Shortly, inspirational and useful book for any creative.


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