Apple’s Newest Products – Breakthrough or Not?


Two days ago, Apple announced new iPhones and Apple Watch. Since then, the world is buzzing about it. Haters put thousands of pictures on internet (funny or not) comparing new models with older products of competitors, they don’t like the design, functionality or just the size. On the other hand, Apple-lovers love everything that comes from Cupertino and every new product means ‘new product to have’ for them. Is there a middle?

Who am I to judge about one of world’s most innovative companies? Well, I’m using their products and I’m enjoying it in last 5 years, together with my family. Can I be objective? I don’t think so, this is just my view…

So, has Apple lost innovative momentum? Is this company now only innovation follower?

To answer these questions, we must remember that Apple created some really breakthrough innovations like AppStore or iPod. Also, iPhone created a big turnaround in industry of mobile devices, it brought many hardware and software innovations. Other devices just followed or copied many features. In last years, we are seeing new versions of iPhones, they are bigger, better and nicer, but there are no new BIG features. That’s truth, but why there should be new big features? What if mobile devices had reached the position, when there are no big things to invent? What could be new, what do we need after all? I’m always eager in waiting new software release, more then new hardware. Shortly, innovation should come with software and it is not only Apple, but also App-developers the ones who should make it. One new feature – Mobile payment is certainly not a new thing, but Apple made everything to finally put in into work. Will it be used widely in near future? Why not?

Another product, ‘two days old’ Apple Watch is not first on the market and many people dislike it. But, this product should be better in the near future with BIG Apps which should follow. So, developers should build around this product and in connection with other Apple’s products it should be gadget-to-have. Not that everyone will ever like it, I think that I will never buy it, but it could be must-have product for some sort of users like bikers, runners, maybe even teenagers or seniors. Could this be new iPod and revolutionarize some aspect of the industry, well this will depend on the software that will follow…

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