Non-Conventional Movies (Updated)

There are funny or tensely movies loved by many, then there are blockbusters or seasonal hits, but this movies are forgotten the minute you left movie theater.
Opposite to that, there are movies which are needed to been seen two times or more, movies that force on thinking days/weeks after watching. Movies that inspire. Here is my short list of non-conventional movies from last 2 years.
One thing is similar to these movies, all are masterpieces for many people, but many also find it boring or not interesting enough, all movies has IMDB score of 7.x:

Holy Motors – Leox Carax’s extraordinary movie about one day in life of Monsieur Oscar – it is difficult to explain the storyline and everyone could understand it in it’s own way, but one thing is certain: you want be indifferent to it.

Only Lovers Left Alive – Newest movie from Jim Jarmusch, one of his best works – the story of two vampires who are in love for centuries and both have difficult time in modern world. Very, very different vampire movie.

Upstream Color – Shane Carruth made a masterpiece, this is a movie about man and woman drawn together by a parasite which changed their lives forever. It’s surely different from everything you’ve ever seen…

Amour – Michael Haneke brings a story of old couple which life is changed after wife has a stroke. Story about humanity, about life and about love.

Prometheus – I love science-fiction and there are many movies from this genre every year, but Prometheus really surprised me a lot. Ridley Scott gives us a story from a dark corner of universe – something very shocking and very interesting.

Enemy – Another movie after which you will enter on Google “Enemy explanation” –> then it came: everything becomes clear and then it becomes even more interesting! Fascinating and very uncommon movie.

Under the Skin – Scarlett Johansson driving a van in Scotland trying to meet total strangers. Jonathan Glazer made unique and interesting atmosphere with dramatic end.

(image: old cinema in Osijek taken by me)

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