Too many ideas rejected? What to do?

Have you sometimes heard some angry idea-submitters which are talking about the wrong system or innovation process. Well, sometimes they are quite right!

In the world of innovations, it is normal that only small percentage of ideas are realized. But what if the system kills too many ideas? Everyone expects that majority of ideas are killed, but not all or not nearly all, for sure.

Let’s take for example software developers: they don’t want to describe too much. Their ideas are mostly simple and easy-to-understand. They assume that only few sentences are enough and often they are right.

But, they don’t know too much about the market – they think that they don’t need to know much – others should know. So, they submit shortly described idea for needed topic and then they should explain the idea to topic-owners. Presentation is fast and it is clear that technically idea could be realized.

Next topic: market? Well, this is the problem, such or similar ideas already exist and there are no big demand for such idea or there are no proof that realization of idea could get profit.

Circle is closed – idea is rejected – innovator is angry.

How to change it?

Start with giving more information when explaining the topic. Try to include more market information and competitor analysis, this could save a lot ideas and increase their quality.

So, topic-owners should share as much as they can in order to get quality ideas. In short, without good information there are no good ideas.

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