Gamification of idea generation process (Creativity Cards and LEGO Serious Play)

Fun can give ignition for great things and I always try to make creativity workshops as fun as they can be.

Use of gamification can help not only with students or entrepreneurs, but also inside corporate environment. 

In some of my last workshops with entrepreneurs, I decided to add few funny games. First, I used Creative Cards in as idea evaluation tool. Cards helped in decisions what are the next steps in product development, design or realization. 

Second “game” was LEGO Serious Play where I used legos to visualize the current state of mind of workshops participants. They were very fast in building their small ecosystem and it wasn’t been difficult to visualize their perspective. This was funny and quick way to show and understand the needs, obstacles and plans of every individual.

Both methods was easy to describe and people are eager to start with it in contrast with some commonly used methods.