The state of automobile industry through toys

I often play following game with my two sons (5 and 3 years old): we place their cars-toys in rows depending on the country of origin. So, Toyota goes to Japan, Ford to USA, Audi to Germany…

At the end we have funny graphics: The state of automobile industry through toys 🙂

And the graphics shows that USA has most cars/brands, Japan is 2nd and Germany is third(Trabant is also here). France is following Germany, but this is influenced with our family car (Peugeot).

Great Britain is highly ranked as we placed all British brands here as Mini and Land Rover.

Italy follows Britain on the list. Sweden got 3 cars, Czech Republic and Switzerland just one.

Rows on the pictures represent (from up or from right on 2nd pic): Japan, France, Sweden, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic.

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