Trigger Creativity using Creativity Cards

Workshop “Trigger Creativity using Creativity Cards” was held last week in Zagreb. After the introduction to creativity and newest technology and business trends, participants were learned to use combinations of different triggers and ideas to inspire new improvements & features to their ideas. Continue reading Trigger Creativity using Creativity Cards

Human side of innovation – innovators inside organizations


In the world of continuous changes and new trends it is important to have in your team, department or organization, people who think different and who approach to problem in different manner. Often, it’s difficult to recognize innovative persons. They are shy and mostly they hide their ideas in fear not to be copied. Nevertheless, with time some of their features will come along: Continue reading “Human side of innovation – innovators inside organizations”

Ljudska strana inovativnosti: inovatori unutar organizacija


U svijetu neprestanih i brzih promjena, te novih trendova važno je u svom timu, odjelu ili organizaciji imati ljude koji drugačije razmišljaju, one koji pristupaju problemima na drugačiji način. Često je teško odmah prepoznati inovativne osobe. Oni su samozatajni, povučeni, a često i skrivaju svoje ideje u strahu da ih netko ne iskopira. Ipak, vremenom će ih ipak „izdati“ slijedeće karakteristike: Continue reading “Ljudska strana inovativnosti: inovatori unutar organizacija”

Creativity cards


You want to unleash your creativity? Think again about your ideas or come with a new one?

Our 50 cards raise questions “What if…?” which can guide you to think from the other angle or to question yourself using three main topics:

  • business trends,
  • techno-trends and
  • in another man’s shoes

Continue reading “Creativity cards”

Kreativne karte

Želite potaknuti kreativnost? Ponovno razmisliti o svojoj ideji ili smisliti novu ideju?

Naših 50 karata postavlja pitanja “Što ako…?” koje vas mogu navesti na razmišljanje iz drugog kuta ili preispitivanje koristeći slijedeće tri glavne cjeline: poslovni trendovi, tehnološki trendovi, te u tuđim cipelama. Continue reading “Kreativne karte”

Making introverts successful innovators


I have two sons and they are so different, they have same interests, but comparing their social skills or the way they communicate, they are totally different. Since they were 3 years old and started with Kindergarten, we knew for sure that one is introvert and other is extrovert. Continue reading “Making introverts successful innovators”

The Innovation Paradox – book review


Davila&Epstein has done it again. After their first book “Making Innovation Work” (Davila, Epstein, Shelton 2006.) they are back with “The Innovation Paradox – Why good businesses kill breakthroughs and how they can change”.

After reading dozens of innovation & creativity books I stopped thinking that there could be a new great book which will enforce me to underline 1/3 of content but here we are… Continue reading “The Innovation Paradox – book review”

Best Books on Innovation – My Choice (UPDATED)


There are hundreds of books published each year with topic: Innovation. Many of them are strictly scientific, others are business or inspirational, but how to know which are worth to read?

My humble choice of books published in last 10 years is following:

Continue reading “Best Books on Innovation – My Choice (UPDATED)”