Inovacijska klima – preduvjet za rezultat


Kako se pojedinci i klima organizacije uklapaju? Zašto ne može biti dobrih rezultata ako za njih ne postoje preduvjeti.

Jeste li čuli kako se vaš prijatelj, rođak ili u najgorem slučaju kolega rugaju svojem nadređenom ili upravi jer “rade nešto glupo”. Na pitanje “zašto ne predložite rješenje?”, dobijate čest odgovor “oni me ne bi slušali” ili “ne zanima ih moje mišljenje” ili “pustit ću ih da rade što ih je volja!”. Continue reading “Inovacijska klima – preduvjet za rezultat”

Every Engineer needs a Businessman!

The world as we know may be run by businessmen, but it is definitely shaped by engineers. Every engineer would said that the world will be a better place if tech guys made more decisions. In their microcosmos (organizations) they often rule, but how much help do they need from the non-tech side? Continue reading “Every Engineer needs a Businessman!”

Prototype and Get the First Follower!


The first, or “zero phase,” of the innovation process is to convince the very first person to step behind your idea. The ideal candidate could be: a colleague, a superior or an investor. Ideally you want to find someone in the organization who can fund your idea, or help you find a way to fund it. This will give your idea a push. There may be a need for fine-tuning the rationale and ironing out the technical details to get it through the various stages of the process. Continue reading “Prototype and Get the First Follower!”

Tko se boji velikog zlog vuka?


Inovacija. Riječ toliko izlizana, a toliko obožavana. Studenti, vlasnici poduzeća, direktori kompanija, novinari, prodavači i kupci – svi su zaljubljeni u tu riječ.

Ali koliko se “živi” inovacija? Koliko se inovativna kultura uvukla u hrvatske kompanije, u hrvatske škole, u hrvatsku svakodnevicu? Continue reading “Tko se boji velikog zlog vuka?”

Non-Conventional Movies (Updated)

There are funny or tensely movies loved by many, then there are blockbusters or seasonal hits, but this movies are forgotten the minute you left movie theater.
Opposite to that, there are movies which are needed to been seen two times or more, movies that force on thinking days/weeks after watching. Movies that inspire. Here is my short list of non-conventional movies from last 2 years.
One thing is similar to these movies, all are masterpieces for many people, but many also find it boring or not interesting enough, all movies has IMDB score of 7.x:

Continue reading “Non-Conventional Movies (Updated)”

Apple’s Newest Products – Breakthrough or Not?


Two days ago, Apple announced new iPhones and Apple Watch. Since then, the world is buzzing about it. Haters put thousands of pictures on internet (funny or not) comparing new models with older products of competitors, they don’t like the design, functionality or just the size. On the other hand, Apple-lovers love everything that comes from Cupertino and every new product means ‘new product to have’ for them. Is there a middle? Continue reading “Apple’s Newest Products – Breakthrough or Not?”

“The Method” – Contest


To set up an innovation contest, we’ll first need a topic for sure. Clearly defined, “trendy” topic must push innovators to engage in contest. Sales, marketing, management or customer should trigger new topic from the business field that needs new ideas from our “innovation team”. This need seeker should provide quality description and customer situation of the topic, but avoid technical details as this could lead innovators into wrong path and there is no need for details in this phase – concepts are better.   Continue reading ““The Method” – Contest”