Making introverts successful innovators


I have two sons and they are so different, they have same interests, but comparing their social skills or the way they communicate, they are totally different. Since they were 3 years old and started with Kindergarten, we knew for sure that one is introvert and other is extrovert. Continue reading “Making introverts successful innovators”

The Innovation Paradox – book review


Davila&Epstein has done it again. After their first book “Making Innovation Work” (Davila, Epstein, Shelton 2006.) they are back with “The Innovation Paradox – Why good businesses kill breakthroughs and how they can change”.

After reading dozens of innovation & creativity books I stopped thinking that there could be a new great book which will enforce me to underline 1/3 of content but here we are… Continue reading “The Innovation Paradox – book review”

Best Books on Innovation – My Choice (UPDATED)


There are hundreds of books published each year with topic: Innovation. Many of them are strictly scientific, others are business or inspirational, but how to know which are worth to read?

My humble choice of books published in last 10 years is following:

Continue reading “Best Books on Innovation – My Choice (UPDATED)”

Connecting Football and Innovations (Croatian Case)


Croatian National Team is pretty good in football, we are in top 20 teams in FIFA rankings for a long time now. So, Croatia is really strong in the most popular sport in the world despite the fact that it has population of only 4 million. How is this possible and why Croatia is not so good in other areas/disciplines? Continue reading “Connecting Football and Innovations (Croatian Case)”

zašto smo svjetska sila u nogometu, ali ne i u inovacijama?


Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija je prilično velika sila u svijetu nogometa, dugo godina smo na FIFA ljestvici bili među deset najboljih. Jaki smo u najpopularnijem sportu na svijetu, sportu koji se igra baš posvuda! Kako je to moguće i zašto nismo tako dobri u drugim područjima bez obzira na prilično malen broj stanovnika? Continue reading “zašto smo svjetska sila u nogometu, ali ne i u inovacijama?”

Great Idea Can Come From Anywhere!

fromAnywhereEveryone has the potential to be creative. We all create everyday, whether we’re at home, work, in the garden or at school. these ideas help us in our daily lives and we often take them for granted because we think they’re small or insignificant. But sometimes we could come up with an idea that is so useful for the market that it can be called an innovation. The problem is that many people are uncomfortable getting their idea out, or too timid to step out of their comfort zones. Continue reading “Great Idea Can Come From Anywhere!”

Boosting Creativity: top 10 places to get creative ideas


Don’t underestimate the dynamic nature of creativity, and the possibility that your aha moment could come when you least expect it. Here is presented 10 ‘creativity enhancing’ places that you have probably not thought of. Continue reading “Boosting Creativity: top 10 places to get creative ideas”

Nurturing Innovation


Setting the preconditions for great results

Have you heard a friend or colleague making fun of his/her superiors because they are doing something “stupid”? On the question “why don’t you suggest a solution?” you get an answer “they wouldn’t listen” or “they don’t care for my thoughts” or “let them do what they want!” Continue reading “Nurturing Innovation”

Inovacijska klima – preduvjet za rezultat


Kako se pojedinci i klima organizacije uklapaju? Zašto ne može biti dobrih rezultata ako za njih ne postoje preduvjeti.

Jeste li čuli kako se vaš prijatelj, rođak ili u najgorem slučaju kolega rugaju svojem nadređenom ili upravi jer “rade nešto glupo”. Na pitanje “zašto ne predložite rješenje?”, dobijate čest odgovor “oni me ne bi slušali” ili “ne zanima ih moje mišljenje” ili “pustit ću ih da rade što ih je volja!”. Continue reading “Inovacijska klima – preduvjet za rezultat”

Every Engineer needs a Businessman!

The world as we know may be run by businessmen, but it is definitely shaped by engineers. Every engineer would said that the world will be a better place if tech guys made more decisions. In their microcosmos (organizations) they often rule, but how much help do they need from the non-tech side? Continue reading “Every Engineer needs a Businessman!”

Prototype and Get the First Follower!


The first, or “zero phase,” of the innovation process is to convince the very first person to step behind your idea. The ideal candidate could be: a colleague, a superior or an investor. Ideally you want to find someone in the organization who can fund your idea, or help you find a way to fund it. This will give your idea a push. There may be a need for fine-tuning the rationale and ironing out the technical details to get it through the various stages of the process. Continue reading “Prototype and Get the First Follower!”

Tko se boji velikog zlog vuka?


Inovacija. Riječ toliko izlizana, a toliko obožavana. Studenti, vlasnici poduzeća, direktori kompanija, novinari, prodavači i kupci – svi su zaljubljeni u tu riječ.

Ali koliko se “živi” inovacija? Koliko se inovativna kultura uvukla u hrvatske kompanije, u hrvatske škole, u hrvatsku svakodnevicu? Continue reading “Tko se boji velikog zlog vuka?”