Developers and ideas, hm… (How to convince a developer to write down an idea?)

Developers are creative beings, they find new solutions on a daily basis, so they somehow have to be creative? Yes, but…

They are often very reluctant in submitting or explaining their ideas. Continue reading “Developers and ideas, hm… (How to convince a developer to write down an idea?)”

How to encourage young minds?

I just came back from the conference held on my hometown’s University and one of questions after my presentation was: “What can average student do after graduating to have a successful career?”.
Of course, unemployment is big problem here and many youngsters are going abroad (the same problem as in other parts of East or South Europe. The economic crisis, underpayment, nepotism… So, what to do?

First (big) Entrance of Open Innovation to Croatia


With last month’s agreement between Agrokor and NineSigma, we have the first t(big) entrance of  Open Innovation strategy to Croatia. It’s coming from one of the biggest companies in this part of Europe, with cca. 40,000 employees and biggest retail chain in the country – Konzum. Agrokor operates in many areas of business including agriculture. Continue reading “First (big) Entrance of Open Innovation to Croatia”

Idea Generation Methods


It’s always a challenge to bring the innovative culture of any organization to higher level. After promotion of innovation program and removing the barriers, one of tasks connected with that challenge is to be successful in Idea Generation. The focus can be on the quantity of ideas, but it is also always expected, that this ideas have a certain quality to be able to get realized at the end. Continue reading “Idea Generation Methods”

Establishing Innovation Culture

My paper “Establishing Innovation Culture”, about installing Innovative Climate in big organization is available via this link on issuu. I presented it on the Conference for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Maribor, 2 years ago, and got a great feedback. Hope that you’ll like it! Please comment! Continue reading Establishing Innovation Culture

Start of Innovation in Software Development Companies


How can any software developer become an Innovator? Is it possible that innovations exist in any software company?

Software development in small and middle size companies can be encouraged in the same manner as in big companies. The effort and the time spent surely must be scaled, but the general principle which should bring the innovation culture into the teams can be copied.

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The Zero Phase of the Innovation Process

The “zero phase” of the innovation process is to convince the very first person to get behind your idea.

Idea can be shortly explained to a colleague at work or to a friend at the coffee shop, where first comments should encourage to further thinking and reshaping of idea.

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The state of automobile industry through toys

I often play following game with my two sons (5 and 3 years old): we place their cars-toys in rows depending on the country of origin. So, Toyota goes to Japan, Ford to USA, Audi to Germany…

At the end we have funny graphics: The state of automobile industry through toys 🙂

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Barriers to Innovative Culture

Have you heard a friend, relative or coworker make fun of their bosses or management because “they are doing something stupid.”? And when you ask  ”why won’t you propose a solution?“, the answer is a familiar response: “They wouldn’t listen to me” or “they don’t care what I think” or “let them do whatever they want!”

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How to create disruptive ideas?

Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? First, the way how NOT to do it: This will not come from people who can’t get their head off everyday work. Also, not from someone who is learned that innovation ideas comes only from R&D teams or Innovation Departments, or similar… Innovation Culture must exist and Innovation should have the positive surrounding in the organization. Find T-shaped people and use them! Try to find people that has knowledge in their every-day-work domain, but also in other topics. It can be sport, gardening, Take some creative workshops Do brainstorming – engage into … Continue reading How to create disruptive ideas?

Wow, that’s an innovation – Farmeron!

Check this video from TechCrunch about Farm management startup Farmeron that helps farmers track their livestock and livelihood, charging by the animal. Video This is what they said about their product: Farmeron brings all your scattered farming production records together and helps you meet ag production plans with advanced statistics and reports. Continue reading Wow, that’s an innovation – Farmeron!

The power of innovation campaigns

It’s easy to start innovation campaign, but to do it in a right way you need to be stick to some principles. So, to get really good, focused ideas much work has to be done before the start. If it’s possible it is best to have fixed topic, maybe also the customer behind it! Then your participants will have the biggest chance for innovation. It’s not important to buy newest piece of software to support the campaign, it can be done in a simplest way, which is in most cases – the best way. Sharepoint or even the Excel sheets … Continue reading The power of innovation campaigns

The biggest risk is not to innovate!

The biggest risk associated with innovation is not to innovate. If the company does not have innovations, it allows competition to shape the future. New ideas will shape the market that will no longer be interested in old products.   Because of this, we can say that sometimes the challenges of innovation are big, but the risk of non-innovating is much higher.   In other words: Standing on the same place is like going backwards!   So, companies should look to the future – to new trends and new opportunities.   How to scan that? Just catch-up with latest news on your domain … Continue reading The biggest risk is not to innovate!

there is no space for ideas in hostile environment

Few weeks ago, I got one insight from a friend who works in factory. He had an idea how to improve the production process. He spoken with his supervisor and they made this improvement which produces less waste and production is faster. I must say that, I spoke with him few months ago and encouraged him to make this, as it will be done in my company with no problem, but we have innovation culture… What happened is that another supervisor wasn’t been happy with that, and idea was rejected, idea-creator (my friend) got also some bad words like “Don’t … Continue reading there is no space for ideas in hostile environment