“The Method” – Contest


To set up an innovation contest, we’ll first need a topic for sure. Clearly defined, “trendy” topic must push innovators to engage in contest. Sales, marketing, management or customer should trigger new topic from the business field that needs new ideas from our “innovation team”. This need seeker should provide quality description and customer situation of the topic, but avoid technical details as this could lead innovators into wrong path and there is no need for details in this phase – concepts are better.   Continue reading ““The Method” – Contest”

Entrepreneurs (Innovators) to be


They are special sort of us: Entrepreneurs. Oh yes, they are! But, what with people who are still thinking about it and maybe are still too shy in trying to start they own business. Last week, I held a course for young entrepreneurs and it was challenging to see how they react on many creativity exercises and could it be successful to make them future innovators.  Continue reading “Entrepreneurs (Innovators) to be”

“Develop” Innovation: Coaching Software Developers to Innovation


How to teach developers to innovation? How to inspire them? I tried to answer to these questions in my presentation on XXV ISPIM Conference: Innovation for Sustainable Economy & Society held in Dublin last week. Continue reading ““Develop” Innovation: Coaching Software Developers to Innovation”

This time next year we’ll be millionaires

This sentence from “Only Fools and Horses”(British sitcom from 80s and 90s) summarize the dream of most entrepreneurs. Check this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp5hxHPlTq8 But, to be able to have such dreams – you must sail with your own ship – start a company … Continue reading This time next year we’ll be millionaires

Creative persons which can inspire other creatives

Persons which can inspire creative people? Here is a small list… First thought is Richard Branson (website) – his carrier is truly an inspiration, like story about starting Virgin Records(video above) or his idea about going to Airline business with starting Virgin Atlantic. His book “Screw It, Let’s Do It” is a big recommendation. He can be followed on twitter @richardbranson. “Everyone that works in Virgin is unique. They are not sheeps. They think for themselves. They have good ideas and I listen them. What is the purpose of hiring smart people, when you are not using their talent.” David and Tom … Continue reading Creative persons which can inspire other creatives

Developers and ideas, hm… (How to convince a developer to write down an idea?)

Developers are creative beings, they find new solutions on a daily basis, so they somehow have to be creative? Yes, but…

They are often very reluctant in submitting or explaining their ideas. Continue reading “Developers and ideas, hm… (How to convince a developer to write down an idea?)”

The power of innovation campaigns

It’s easy to start innovation campaign, but to do it in a right way you need to be stick to some principles. So, to get really good, focused ideas much work has to be done before the start. If it’s possible it is best to have fixed topic, maybe also the customer behind it! Then your participants will have the biggest chance for innovation. It’s not important to buy newest piece of software to support the campaign, it can be done in a simplest way, which is in most cases – the best way. Sharepoint or even the Excel sheets … Continue reading The power of innovation campaigns

insights from entrepreneurship + innovation conference

Two days ago, I attended and I give a presentation on a conference “entrepreneurship + innovation” in my hometown Osijek, Croatia. This was the 4th conference, but I attended for the 1st time and I’m very happy that I can say that it was very well prepared and very interesting event. In the first part we can saw the presenters talking about depressing and pesimistic state of croatian economy. Ok, now we finally admit that our country is in deep trouble. Second part was three paralel sessions and I was on the “Innovation” session. Presenters shown examples of entrepreneurship in … Continue reading insights from entrepreneurship + innovation conference


Nice concept for Swiss innovation platform inno+swiss. Here’s what they say about the site: “Inno-Swiss is the first social media platform fully dedicated to promote Swiss innovation and entrepreneurs on the international scene. Our objective is to increase the interaction and visibility of Swiss based innovators and entrepreneurs, accelerating their reach to potential stakeholders, from partners to investors.” Continue reading inno+swiss

ideation in big company

I had a small brainstorming session today, and I have to defend innovation process. The problem is that some ideas were rejected in the past, but then they can be seen as successful products from other companies today. This situation in not great for morale of innovator who got rejection mail. But after few minutes of explaining I got this innovator on the track again and I’m expecting new ideas from him. I’ve noticed one thing today which can led to more thought or blog posts in future: it’s hard for a big company to be competitive in small market … Continue reading ideation in big company

50 most innovative companies in the world

New list with the world’s 50 most innovative companies done by businessWeek and BCG, link Only surprises in top10, are 6th and 7th placed TATA Group & Nintendo. Apple is holding number 1, Amazon.com and IBM are out of top 10. 3M is only 22nd and Siemens only 38th. Looking through regional perspective doesn’t give too many changes link Continue reading 50 most innovative companies in the world

4 types of innovators

I differentiate 4 types of innovators: 1. Radical innovator – creates or adds new technologies or systems. Often in chance for invention. 2. Value-add innovator – brings new additions on market with connection to customer. Possible inventor, too. 3. Adapter – adapts the product to customer wishes – incremental ideas – no clear chance for invention. 4. Special adapter – adds solutions to markets on which he spots a niche – focused on end-customer. Continue reading 4 types of innovators

the business of innovation

The interesting show was broadcasted on CNBC half a year ago – http://www.innovation.cnbc.com, here is some interesting excerpts: Companies that are successful innovators and which are able to sustain innovation over time are the ones that create a culture in which innovation can happen at any level at any time. They create a Culture of Innovation. Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future says managing innovation “…means cultivating an environment where lightning can strike twice.” So how does a company do this? What these successful companies discover is that they need to embrace the act of attacking their cherished … Continue reading the business of innovation